Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad is a People’s Science Movement of Kerala, India. Founded in 1962. It started it’s works at the science society interface with about 40 members as an organisation of science writers in Malayalam. Over the past four decades it has grown into a mass movement with a membership over 40000, distributed in more than two thousand units spread all over Kerala.

Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad (KSSP) literally means The Kerala Forum for Science Literature. In fact it was founded in 1962 as a forum of science writers with the limited objective of publishing science literature in Malayalam, the local language, and popularizing science. However it was soon realized that mere publication of literature or taking science classes was not enough, if the blessings of science were to reach the common people. KSSP became convinced that at present a privileged minority was monopolizing the benefits of science and technology, and it results in their enrichment, at the expense of the majority. KSSP chose as its mission, the challenge of arming the people with the tools of science and technology so that they can reverse this process. Thus in 1972, KSSP decided to become a People’s Science Movement and adopted “Science for Social Revolution” as its motto