The KSSP has developed  a number of self relaint products and has been marketing them though its units and local offices of Parishad Production Centre and Samata Production Centre which are atttached to district KSSP offices.

The Main products are :

Hot Box (ചൂടാറാപ്പെട്ടി)

Hot box is an energy efficient therrmocol box which keeps the temperature intact for hours, thereby saving energy and fuel. It is ideal for rice cooking and for keeping normal food items hot. Rice is cooked in boiled water. The boiling point of water is 100 degree c. and the water temperature doesn’t rise above that level even it is heated further. When we cook rice in the normal method, we keep the fire till it is cooked. But if we can keep the water temperature at 100 degree c. without heating further, it saves fuel. This is what the Hot Box does. Put the rice in water, heat it and stop the fire when it is boiled. Take the bowl and put it into the Hotbox in the specified way, close it tightly with the lid provided. After 3/4 – One hour, the rice will be cooked fully.
Price Rs.300.00    

Improved Choola (പുകശല്യമില്ലാത്ത പരിഷത്ത് അടുപ്പ്)

It saves one third of fuel ( wood ). It also keeps 90 per cent of the smoke out of the kitchen, which is expelled out through a pipe.  Please enquire the nearest kssp bhavan or contact unit office bearers of your locality.

Decupage (കളിമണ്‍ അലങ്കാര ഭരണികള്‍)

Beautifully painted clay  and terracota vessels used as flower pots etc. Price Range Rs.100/- to Rs.1000/-.

Portable Biogas Plant

IRTC, the research wing of KSSP has launched  yet another product , the Portable biogas plant,  that help the proper disposal of waste and conserve energy. The new equipment has many advantages and added features than many other poratable gas plants now availbale in the market. Have a quick look of it in the brochure attached (in Malayalam).

Soap, washing powder etc. (സോപ്പ്, അലക്കുപൊടി തുടങ്ങിയവ.)

Available in all KSSP Bhavans and at IRTC, Palakkad. Ph. 0491 2832663, 0491 2832324.