Online subscription of Books and Periodicals will not be available at present for the general public. Books can be directly purchased from all KSSP district centres and at the State Offices at Thrissur (Parisarakendram, Poonkunnam PO, Guruvayoor Road, Thrissur 04 Ph.0487 2381084 ) or from Kozhikkode (Chalappuram PO< Kozhikode Ph 0495 2701919). Books can also be ordered by VPP from the above addresses. During campaign periods books can be purchased from local units and activists.

The magazines can be subscribed by sending a DD or money order to the following address.

The Managing Editor,

Eureka/ Sastrakeralam/ Sastragathi

Chalappuram PO

Kozhikode 673 002

Annual subcription fee       Eureka:                  Rs 250/-

                                           Sastrakeralam:      Rs 150/-

                                           Sastragathi:           Rs 150/-

The money can also  be paid to the District KSSP offices or local units directly.