Over the last few decades KSSP has actively campaigned for People oriented approaches to health. Led by a dedicated band of doctors, health workers and activists, the organisation has conducted village level classes and discussions on common health problems and scientific and cost effective solutions. The campaigns also sought to expose the role of multinational corporations and big business in promoting and perpetuating ill health. The KSSP health study of 1987- published as “Health and Development in Rural Kerala”- and the followup study of 1996 helped to define the morbidity load and its relationship to socio-economic variables. The health policies of Central and State Governments were critically examined and alternative people’s health policy formulated. The era of globalisation, dominated as by the World Bank and the WTO has brought forth new challenges like the mindless imposition of intellectual property regimes. Parishad continues the struggle for better health for the poor and oppressed, along with like-minded organisations in India and abroad.