The KSSP has a four tier structure: Units functioning at the village level in an area of 5 – 10, sub-regional committees catering to about 10-30 units; 14 district committees and a state committee. KSSP is a member of the All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN). President, Vice-presidents, General secretary, Treasurer and Secretaries are the Office bearers. Elections are held every year. No one holds any office for more than two terms.

    Each unit has a unit executive committee elected evry year. Annual unit meet also elects the memebers of zonal council as per proportional representation system.( the number of Zoanl council members limited to 100 and each unit get a due of zonal council members according to its membership strength.) Each zonal counicl meets every year called the zonal (Mekhala in Malayalam) conference in which the Zonal committee and District Council members are elected. In turn, the District council members elects the State Council Members and the District Committee Members at the District conference held every year. The sequence of organisational conferences ends every year with the State Conference in which the Central Executive Committe of KSSP is elected.