KSSP is India’s largest science publisher, having published more than 1000 titles and producing 30 – 40 new titles per year. KSSP is also publishing three Science Magazines seperately for primary  school students, high school students, and the general public.View the Bullettin of KSSP Books.  


KSSP has a published a range of books on various issues. see the catalogue. The most recent one was Keralapadanam.


KSSP publishes monthly and bi-monthly periodicals targeted at different age groups.

  • Eureka – targetted at Upper Primary school children.
  • Sastrakeralamtargettet at High School children.
  • Sastragathitargetted at general public

For subscription of magazine pleas visit www.kssppublications.com


Some of the leaflets published by KSSP are available now in Parishath wiki.

How to order your copy

The mechanism for online ordering of books, magazines and leaflets is being worked upon.

Songs and Slogans

For the nostalgic souls … But not yet there.

Parishath Vartha

Parishath Vartha is the official organ of KSSP which carries generally organisational news and views of KSSP. It is normaly cirulated among the members of KSSP.