Even though KSSP was formed in 1962, the woman’s wing started functioning only in the 1980s. The low percentage of participation of Kerala women in social activities like Politics, Trade Union, Service organisation, Cultural organisation and NGOs (5 to 10%) in spite of a better sex ratio and educational status attracted the attention of KSSP.

The activities organised by KSSP in the woman’s front are two fold.

  1. The woman should be empowered so that they became aware of their problems and be able to tackle them successfully.
  2. Society should be gender sensitised so that women is recognised as individuals and their rights are considered as human rights.

Various activities like publication of booklets and leaflets, organising Vanitha Kalajdha, Samatha Vijnanothsavam etc were taken up with this end in view. Training for employment and income generating activities like production of soap etc are also being provided to women. Even a small income of their own, results a much desired change in the status of women in family and society.

Current Programmes

At present the most important initiative of KSSP on women issues is a comprehensive study on the status of women in Kerala. The study focuses fo find ‘how Kerala women think and how Kerala women live’. The sample survey based on the questionare prepared by experts is over. The data is being analysed. Focus Group discussions are being also organised, besides the survey.

The Women Study is a sequel to the KSSP is much acclaimed study on How Kerala thinks and How Kerala lives, based on the survey conducted in 6000 hoseholds all over Kerala. For The deatails in Malayalam click